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You won't see anything similar to this from another manufacturer on the planet!


100% Handmade

The idea for an electric pedal boat came to Florent Vitiello, founder of REV inside, while on his honeymoon in Mauritius in 2008. Faced with a lack of choices for fun, enjoyable, and glamorous nautical vehicles, Vitiello and his partner were restricted to athletic activities such as canoeing, sailing, and diving. Even catamaran rides lacked what they were looking for as these involved groups of up to 25 people not very intimate for a honeymoon.

With a dream for a calm and serene experience on the water, and a background of eight years as the head of SEV Electric Vehicles, Vitiello applied the principles of electric bikes to the nautical universe and developed the Ceclo Original, a next-level pedal boat with electric assistance.


“We create elegant products with outstanding technological performance. Ceclo, innovative electric pedalo for exploring and exploring style, is our latest release.”

Florent is the founder of REV inside. He is passionate about design, new products, and innovation. Before REV inside, Florent ran a company that produced electric bikes. Based in Southeast, France, Ceclo's leitmotiv is proposing products that offer new sensations and emotions, fulfilling dreams…

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Recreative Electric Vehicles (REV) was established in 2014. "Its name was simply born of my dream," explains Florent Vitiello. And then the Ceclo makes its appearance. "We revisited the pedal boat, we kept only its playful side, and we gave it the name of Ceclo. It is difficult not to call a pedal boat a 'pedal boat,' but we preferred the notion of cycle: more rewarding, noble by integrating 'electric' intelligence, which is why we replayed the 'y' with the 'e' conductor thread of all our products.


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Ceclo provides the promise of a peaceful and quiet ride on the water in a unique, stylish, and innovative electric motorboat.



Every detail has been designed to offer you an exceptional experience. Ceclo is ergonomic, comfortable, and includes many options. Ceclo is fully customizable and is able to meet the needs of even the most particular individuals.


100% handmade

Ceclo is a floating island that invites you to experience and share new sensations on the water, with your family, friends, or romantic partner.

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