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- ORIGINAL Boat - E-Catamaran

All Ceclo models have been carefully designed with safety top of mind.

Each pontoon is comprised of three compartment for safety feature.

In the unlikely event that all three compartment are damaged, the built-in foam on the pontoons will ensure the boat remains afloat.

  --> Fiberglass gel-coated catamaran with Italian composite deck (tan with white line, cork an option)

  --> Bow protection

  --> Capacity : 4 adults (727 Lbs)

  --> One FATBOY beanbag 

 --> Dimensions L x w x h: 12'89 x 5'5 x 4'25 ft

 --> Speed: 4.9 knots – 8,5 km/h - Max speed 

 --> Speed: 3 knots – 5.5 km/h - Cruising

  --> Weight: 363 lb with engine

Your beautiful catamaran also includes:

  --> Outboard motor: TORQEEDO 1103 CL - 1000 W - 70 Lbs
         Constant acceleration front and reverse - Tiller control
         Completely waterproof (IP67)

   --> One FATBOY beanbag

   --> One lithium Battery (include with the TORQEEDO)

   --> One battery charger

   --> 2-year warranty

 --> Battery’s autonomy: 4 to 6 hours

 --> Lithium-ion Torqueedo integrated battery 

 --> 29.6 volts-31 A/h - 915 Wh integrated

 --> Charger : 29.6 volts - 4 A
 -- >Charging time : 9 h

 --> Weight : 6 Kg

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An electric boat with an enchanting charm!

There are no pedal—just sit back and let the powerful 3 hp Torqueedo motor do the work.

This boat was built for comfort, providing you with a table in the middle so you can pack a picnic lunch and spend full days on the water.

If you frequent waterways with strong currents or have a cottage on a river, the Original Boat will be the perfect fit, allowing you to travel against the flow with ease.

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ORIGINAL Boat - E-Catamaran
ORIGINAL Boat - E-Catamaran
ORIGINAL Boat - E-Catamaran
ORIGINAL Boat - E-Catamaran
ORIGINAL Boat - E-Catamaran
- ORIGINAL Boat - E-Catamaran - pontoon reinforcement
ORIGINAL Boat - E-Catamaran
- ORIGINAL Boat - E-Catamaran -table
ORIGINAL Boat - E-Catamaran
ORIGINAL Boat - E-Catamaran
ORIGINAL Boat - E-Catamaran
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Improve your health
   Get outside

The Original Boat is the easiest way to get out on the water and with its luxurious features you'll have no problem spending full days out there.

Best of all, you'll reap health benefits by simply sitting there and taking in the view. How? Being outside is scientifically proven to be good for your health. Benefits include:

--> Increased vitamin D intake, which helps the body absorb calcium, prevents osteoporosis, and reduces inflammation

--> Improved immune system

--> Improved blood sugar levels

--> Boosted energy levels

--> Restored focus

--> Reduced stress levels

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Design your own!

  • Choose the color
  • Choose your deck cover
  • Ask for a special design on the pontoon
  • More options? Ask us!