CECLO Cruise

Style and comfort

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- CECLO - Cruise

All Ceclo models have been carefully designed with safety top of mind.

Each pontoon is comprised of three compartment for safety feature.

In the unlikely event that all three compartment are damaged, the built-in foam on the pontoons will ensure the boat remains afloat.

Fiberglass, gel-coated catamaran with composite deck in standard (Cork as an option),

Bow protection

Capacity : 4 adults (727 Lbs)

2 comfy seats (plus 2 in options)

Dimensions L x w x h: 12'89 x 5'5 x 4'25 ft

Speed: 4.9 knots – 8,5 km/h - Max speed 

Speed: 3 knots – 5.5 km/h  - Cruising

Weight: 385 lb

Your CECLO Cruise also includes: 

--> Yamaha Electric outboard engine - 500 Watts - 55 Lbs

--> One Lithium 12V Battery

--> One smart battery charger

--> 2-year warranty

--> Extractible battery pack

--> Lithium 12v battery

--> Autonomy: up to 4 hours (AGM)

--> Charger: 12 volts – 15A

--> Charging time: 4h30

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With the option to have two or four seats, a centre console, cupholders, and even a USB plug for charging electronics, the Cruise is the peak of luxury.

This boat has two sets of pedals, which engage the reliable Yamaha electric motor when pedalled.

This boat requires no maintenance and is ideal for private ownership or rental companies. Enjoy a quiet and relaxed time on the water.

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- CECLO - Cruise
- CECLO - Cruise
- CECLO - Cruise
- CECLO - Cruise
- CECLO - Cruise
- CECLO - Cruise
- CECLO - Cruise
- CECLO - Cruise
- CECLO - Cruise
- CECLO - Cruise
- CECLO - Cruise
- CECLO - Cruise
E-CATAMARAN - CECLO - Cruise - front view
E-CATAMARAN  - CECLO - Cruise -pontoon protections
E-CATAMARAN - CECLO - Cruise -CER DECK Italian synthetic cover
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Fitness on the water

You won't even realize you're exercising with this Ceclo model. Socialize with two or three other passengers while gazing at beautiful surrounds—you won't notice your legs pedaling away. Plus with another person pedaling and the assistance of the electric motor there will be even less resistance, resulting in a pain-free pedaling experience.

Pedaling a Ceclo helps your health by:

--> Improving memory and brain functioning

--> Lowering blood pressure better sleep

--> Improving blood sugar levels

--> Strengthening the immune system

--> Improving mood

--> Lowering stress levels

--> Raising energy levels

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Design your own!

  • Choose the color
  • Choose your deck cover
  • Ask for a special design on the pontoon
  • More options? Ask us!