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- CECLO - Easy -

 Your CECLO Easy also includes:

--> Yamaha Electric outboard engine - 500 Watts - 45 Lbs

--> One 12V Lithium battery 

--> One smart battery charger

--> 2-year warranty

--> Charging time: 9h30

The easiest way to become part of the Ceclo community!

The Ceclo Easy is our entry-level boat, with limited customization options but all the technology you'll find in our other models.

Simply begin pedalling to engage the electric motor for assistance and start cruising in style. Featuring two seats and one set of pedals.

The best way for rental companies and individuals alike to dip their toes into the world of Ceclo.


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- CECLO - Easy -
- CECLO - Easy -
- CECLO - Easy -
- CECLO - Easy -
- CECLO - Easy -
- CECLO - Easy -
- CECLO - Easy -
- CECLO - Easy -
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Fitness on the water

Cycling is known for its myriad health benefits.

As an aerobic exercise, it strengthens the lungs and heart. It's also low-impact, meaning limited stress is put on the joints, which makes it ideal for those prone to injury.
Pedaling a Ceclo uses the same motion as bicycling, providing users with all the same health benefits and more. While you can bike inside, a Ceclo will get you out into nature, reaping the benefits of fresh air and sunlight as well.
The Ceclo Easy is particularly accessible due to the assistance of the electric motor, providing users with a pain-free experience.

Other health benefits of using a Ceclo include:

--> Increased lung capacity

--> Reduced risk of heart attack

-->Reduced stress

--> Burns fat and calories

--> Sleep more soundly

-->Reduced chronic pain

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Design your own!

  • Choose the color
  • Choose your deck cover
  • Ask for a special design on the pontoon
  • More options? Ask us!